Full Lab Screening Service Available

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From Hormone Testing to Heavy Metal Analysis

Naturopathic Medicine Garstang | Natural Medicine Lancashire

Specialist Gene Profile Testing

Naturopathic Medicine Garstang | Natural Medicine Lancashire

Full Lab Screening Service Available

Naturopathic Medicine Garstang | Natural Medicine Lancashire

From Hormone Testing to Heavy Metal Analysis

Naturopathic Medicine Garstang | Natural Medicine Lancashire

Specialist Gene Profile Testing

Naturopathic Medicine Garstang | Natural Medicine Lancashire

Thank you for contacting The Clinic of Natural Medicine!

Due to the large number of enquiries the clinic receives, regrettably it is no longer possible to have a telephone discussion prior to a consultation in order to ask and get answers for relevant questions. With this in mind therefore hopefully the following Q & A section will answer most of the general questions you may be thinking of asking. Of course if there is a pressing question that needs more of an accurate answer then please leave a message on the clinic line +44 (0)1995 605446 and the clinic PA Deborah will get back to you.


Q1 What is covered in the first consultation?

Assessment and discussion of:

  • Toxic metal loading from vaccines and teeth amalgams
  • Dentistry apart from the above eg root canal fillings
  • Pathogens ie virus, bacteria, parasites etc
  • Fungus/mould/candida within your home and/or body.
  • EMF/Radiation, Geo Stress exposure
  • Trauma, both physical and emotional. Depression, anxiety and stress. Further detailed assessment if required.
  • Chemical exposures (Home, garden and work)
  • Modern food and drink intake and Nutritional status.
  • Modern allopathic drug intake and side effects
  • Natural supplements being taken and possible side effects.
  • Physical assessment ie tongue, skin, eyes (iridology), BP or area of the body that needs analysis BUT ONLY AT A CLINIC CONSULTATION.
  • NB Conclusions about what may be behind a disease process can be analysed via Zoom or similar remote viewing medium so it is not necessarily essential to see someone “in the flesh”.
  • Any possible laboratory tests that would be needed to help get a clearer picture of certain physiological and/or anatomical imbalances, mostly endocrine (hormonal) ie adrenal, thyroid).
  • An energetic NES scan be done via the computer in clinic. This again is not always necessary on a first consult and this will be explained more in that first session.

Sometimes due to time constraints not all of these areas will be covered in detail at this point but they will be assessed and discussed in Follow up sessions if you decide to follow through with treatment. The “relevance” of each section will be mentioned. A good overall picture of your health status however will still be gained from the Initial Consultation.

As Naturopaths we oversee many areas of the body at once, not just concentrating on one area. We have to assess how one issue in one part of the body affects another area and so on, effectively causing a cascade like effect of dis-ease events. Once an overall picture is gathered, deeper analysis of whichever areas need clearing and rebalancing takes place, all the time keeping the bigger picture as the “backdrop”. This is why we are often not able to produce lengthy treatment plans for months ahead due to the body unfolding like the layers of an onion.

Q2 How long will the consultation take on average?

The initial consultation takes approx. 2 hrs of 1 to 1 assessment time plus an hour outside of that to read through relevant information sheets eg blood/lab results and write up a post session REPORT.

Q3 I can’t physically get to you because of my illness/distance from the clinic. Do you consult by phone or online?

Yes we do international as well as national consulting so it will usually be done via Zoom (or other similar system).

Q4 Do you treat any chronic disease?

Yes as they all appear, according to Naturopathic principles, to have a similar origin. The only exception are cancer patients that are currently undergoing any treatment within a hospital setting. Once the “all clear” has been given and they have been signed off then we are able to work with the body to rebalance and hopefully prevent a re-occurrence of the cancer. We do not treat cancer per say…we treat an imbalanced metabolism.

Q5 What is the underlying principle by which you work?

“The Terrain is everything!” Originally this theory was developed by a brilliant individual called Bechamp in the nineteenth century. He proposed that essentially if “the soil of the body” is free from toxic substances ie heavy metals and man-made chemicals, plus at ease with itself emotionally, then it is difficult for any opportunistic pathogen (virus, bacteria), as well as mould/fungus/candida to get a hold. Geo stress is also a very important area to check as well as EMF/Radiation exposure.

Q6 How long does it take before your patients feel well again?

How long is a piece of string scenario BUT usually this is the guidance we give: for every year of illness you generally need a month of treatment.

Q7 What is the cost of the Initial consultation and subsequent Follow up visits?

Initial consultation/assessment: 3 hrs £250 (this comprises of 2 hrs contact time plus 30minutes of analysis prior to the consult and 30 minutes after for the report writing).

Follow up consultations: 1 1/2 hrs £90, 1 hr £65

A small fee is charged for between consultation queries either made by e mail or phone. This is a much lower fee than a full consultation fee. All details are in a Welcome Pack when you become a clinic patient.

MOT Health Check

Once good health is achieved, patient's often just need what we call an MOT which is also 1 hr costing £65. Our aim is to get you off most of your medication and supplements and let the body get on with the job of healing itself. We may need some supplementation as a support as the soils of the world are alas lacking in good minerals and we also may need a basic toxin clearance product to mop up the toxins we breathe in and come into contact with throughout our day. MOT checks are often done a couple of times a year.

Iridology Assessment: 1 hr £85

Treatment Costs

Please note that TREATMENT PACKAGES are 'tailor made' for the individual and there are a myriad of combinations that can be used and a myriad of different supplements etc.

The following prices are therefore approximate, but at all times the clinic is very respectful of affordability and budgets.

NB The following costs do not include any Follow up Consultation Fees. Please see the above section for this.

BASIC level of treatment

General Naturopathic Cleansing: includes the balance of stomach acid if required, bowel, kidney and liver cleansing and re-establishing good gut flora. Depending upon the symptom picture, costs can range from £6.00 for a bag of cleansing herbal Kidney tea to £38 for an in depth parasite cleanse or approx. £85 for a Liver flush kit that will cover a series of treatments.

ALL products/supplements have been extensively researched; this is part of the roll of the practitioner and also to check that supplement combinations are safe. Any modern medical drugs will also be fitted into protocols and any contra indications noted. This is why only supplements recommended by the clinic can be used, although any existing supplements you are taking can be carefully dovetailed into the new regime if necessary and used up, unless of course they are found to be having an adverse effect on you ie they could be poorly manufactured, poor ingredients or very respected products but still not right for your body!

Energetic re-alignment drops may also be suggested from the NES screening system at £17 per bottle.

ADVANCED Level treatment

Due to the nature of these treatments, specialist products need to be used and so can have a higher price tag attached to them. In order to help access these more expensive protocols the clinic offers the choice to buy on an 'adhoc' basis rather than purchasing the whole supplement package at the beginning of treatment.

The majority of the SPECIALIST products used in treatment are from one of the world's leading scientists Dr Chris Shade and his company Quick Silver Scientific www.quicksilverscientific.com. They are exceptionally well researched and as alot of the products are in what we call a liposomal format they get into the bloodstream quickly, at the same rate as intravenous delivery.

Janet Wrathall (ND) has been trained by the Quick Silver Institute and is qualified to administer these preparations.

It is the goal of the clinic to be able to clear dis-ease from an individual but then educate them so that they may be in charge of their own health situations in future and not require continual treatments. Many individuals who are now 'well' often continue to have MOT checks done once or twice a year.



From Enquiry to Consultation

  1. Enquiry: either by telephone message or e mail. Please see Contact section
  2. Read Q & A section if necessary
  3. Book a Consultation either by phone or e mail, paying a £50 non- refundable deposit to secure the slot
  4. Complete the Medical Assessment Form on the Home page of this website and return in the post to the clinic
  5. An Introductory letter will be sent to you by e mail, outlining what to expect in the consultation
  6. Consultation
  7. Report written up and either e-mailed or posted out to you
  8. Decision about whether to go ahead with treatment
  9. Start treatment and book Follow up appointments

Enquiry Form

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Due to the volume of enquiries please expect up to 2 weeks for a reply to your e mail or telephone requests

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