The first consultation is divided into two aspects:

There are two separate assessment forms that you can either download from the website (bottom of each screen) or be sent by post.

Foundation assessment: Environmental and Nutritional

  1. Nutrition/Diet/Fluid intake
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress and trauma
  5. Cognitive function
  6. Toxic elements 1 (Heavy metals in vaccines, amalgam fillings, gold fillings).
  7. Toxic elements 2 (Dentistry other than above listings)
  8. Toxic elements 3 (Mould/candida/fungus)
  9. Toxic elements 4 (Harmful frequencies i.e. EMF/Radiation/Electro pollutants/X rays/MRI scans, Geopathic stress etc)
  10. Toxic elements 5 (Harmful exposures to e.g. smoke, chemicals)
  11. Toxic elements 6 (Body implants)

This initial assessment stage is very important as it could literally be one of these areas that is causing an imbalance in your body system and you may not need further help in terms of medical analysis.

Foundation Assessment: Medical will cover:

  • Chief health complaints
  • Family medical history and personal past medical history
  • Top to toe symptom analysis plus a NES Quantum body and mind screening using computer software (this can also be done remotely for no extra cost).
  • Hospital visits/surgery
  • Blood pressure check (if in person)
  • Official diagnosed diseases/illnesses
  • Allergic reactions
  • Antibiotic and steroid use (past and present) plus current allopathic drug status.
  • Childhood illnesses and significant illnesses in adulthood prior to your current health circumstances
  • Any bites or stings you may have experienced in your life
  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress levels, a deeper investigation if necessary since the Foundation assessment: Environmental and nutritional analysis
  • Supplements you are currently taking 
  • Adverse reactions to anything you have taken in the past
  • Other treatments/therapies that you have used in the past
  • Physical examinations if necessary for your presenting situation. Iridology (the study of the iris) and tongue analysis will also be covered.
  • Any possible laboratory tests that would be needed to help get a clearer picture of certain physiological and/or anatomical imbalances, mostly endocrine (hormonal) i.e. adrenal, thyroid) or digestive.

Sometimes due to time constraints not all of these areas will be covered in as much detail as others but they will be assessed and discussed in Follow up sessions if you decide to follow through with treatment. The “relevance” of each section will be mentioned. A good overall picture of your health status however will still be gained from the Initial Medical Consultation.

As Naturopaths we oversee many areas of the body at once, not just concentrating on one area. We have to assess how one issue in one part of the body affects another area and so on, effectively causing a cascade like effect of dis-ease events. Once an overall picture is gathered, deeper analysis of whichever areas need clearing and rebalancing takes place, all the time keeping the bigger picture as the “backdrop”. This is why we are often not able to produce lengthy treatment plans for months ahead due to the body unfolding like the layers of an onion but review at regular follow up consults.

Yes we do international as well as national consulting so it will usually be done via Zoom (or other similar system).

Yes as they all appear, according to Naturopathic principles, to have a similar origin. The only exception are cancer patients that are currently undergoing any treatment within a hospital setting. Once the “all clear” has been given and they have been signed off then we are able to work with the body to rebalance and hopefully prevent a re-occurrence of the cancer. We do not treat cancer per say…we treat an imbalanced metabolism. If you have cancer and are seeking help then I usually refer on to my colleague Patricia Peat at for specialist work in that field or the Budwig natural cancer treatment centre in Spain

“The Terrain is everything!” Originally this theory was developed by a brilliant individual called Bechamp in the nineteenth century. He proposed that essentially if “the soil of the body” is free from toxic substances i.e. heavy metals and man-made chemicals, plus at ease with itself emotionally, then it is difficult for any opportunistic pathogen i.e. virus’ (we now question whether or not these exist with the latest research findings) , bacteria, as well as mould/fungus/candida to get a hold. Geo stress is also a very important area to check as well as EMF/Radiation exposure. This is why our Foundation Level assessment : Environmental and nutritional is so important to do as first priority.

Also of course most illness has its origins in an emotional upset/trauma which if endured over a long enough period of time can knock out the hormones of the body and especially the Hypothalamus the Master gland in the brain e.g your temperature regulation will be affected, your sleep cycle, your digestion etc.

So… Body, Mind AND Spirit all have to be addressed in order to regain abundant health.

The six principles of naturopathic medicine unite NDs across the world: 

First Do No Harm

Core to all medical practice is the desire to help the human form and condition. NDs typically approach care by utilizing the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies. NDs will refer when the patient’s presentation is outside their scope or level of skill.

The Healing Power of Nature

NDs recognize the value of our natural world in assisting the healing process. Not only do NDs utilize substances that originate in nature, but they also incorporate a healthy natural environment as foundational to human health. Naturopathic doctors recognize and harness the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself in order to guide patients to wellness and total health.

Identify and Treat the Causes

There is a time and place for symptom suppression, however most naturopathic patients will benefit from identifying the underlying causes of illness and removing obstacles to cure.

Doctor as Teacher

Naturopathic doctors elevate patient health literacy. That means that NDs are part of the team helping patients have a better understanding of what it takes to be and stay well. Through education and a trust-based relationship, patients better understand the steps they need to take to achieve and maintain health.

Treat the Whole Person

Naturopathic doctors understand the interconnectedness of our body, our environment and our lifestyle on total health. It is only through this whole-person-based approach that NDs seek to restore balance and health.


Naturopathic medicine affirms that it is better to prevent illness and suffering whenever possible. Through their comprehensive practice, NDs combine all six principles in order to identify potential areas of imbalance and teach patients how to get well and stay well.

How long is a piece of string scenario BUT usually this is the guidance we give: for every year of illness you generally need a month of treatment.

Initial consultation/assessment: 4 hours £325 - This comprises of 2 hours contact time plus 1 hour of analysis prior to the consult and 1 hour after for the Prescription formulation.

Follow up consultations: 1.5 hours £100, 1 hour £80

A small fee is charged for between consultation queries either made by e mail or phone. This is a much lower fee than a full consultation fee. All details are in a Welcome Pack when you become a clinic patient.

MOT Health Check
Once good health is achieved, patient's often just need what we call an MOT which is also 1 hour costing £75. Our aim is to get you off most of your medication and supplements and let the body get on with the job of healing itself. We may need some supplementation as a support as the soils of the world are alas lacking in good minerals and we also may need a basic toxin clearance product to mop up the toxins we breathe in and come into contact with throughout our day. MOT checks are often done a couple of times a year.

Iridology Assessment: 1 hour £75

Please note that TREATMENT PACKAGES are 'tailor made' for the individual and there are a myriad of combinations that can be used and a myriad of different supplements etc.

The following prices are therefore approximate, but at all times the clinic tries to be very respectful of affordability and budgets.

NB The following costs do not include any Follow up Consultation Fees. Please see the above section for this.

BASIC level of treatment

General Naturopathic Cleansing: includes the balance of stomach acid if required, bowel, kidney and liver cleansing and re-establishing good gut flora. Depending upon the symptom picture, costs can range from £6.00 for a bag of cleansing herbal Kidney tea to £38 per month for an in depth parasite cleanse or approx. £90 for a Liver flush kit that will cover a series of treatments.

ALL products/supplements have been extensively researched; this is part of the roll of the practitioner and also to check that supplement combinations are safe. Any modern medical drugs will also be fitted into protocols and any contra indications noted. This is why only supplements recommended by the clinic can be used, although any existing supplements you are taking can be carefully dovetailed into the new regime if necessary and used up, unless of course they are found to be having an adverse effect on you i.e. they could be poorly manufactured, poor ingredients or very respected products but still not right for your body!

Energetic re-alignment drops may also be suggested from the NES screening system at £20 per bottle.

ADVANCED Level treatment

Due to the nature of these treatments, specialist products need to be used and so can have a higher price tag attached to them. In order to help access these more expensive protocols the clinic offers the choice to buy on an 'adhoc' basis rather than purchasing the whole supplement package at the beginning of treatment.

The majority of the SPECIALIST products used in treatment are from one of the world's leading scientists Dr Chris Shade and his company Quick Silver Scientific They are exceptionally well researched and as alot of the products are in what we call a liposomal format they get into the bloodstream quickly, at the same rate as intravenous delivery.

Janet Wrathall (ND) has been trained by the Quick Silver Institute and is qualified to administer these preparations. It is the goal of the clinic to be able to clear dis-ease from an individual but then educate them so that they may be in charge of their own health situations in future and not require continual treatments. Many individuals who are now 'well' often continue to have MOT checks done once or twice a year.


Quick summary - From enquiry to consultation

  • Enquiry: either by telephone message or e mail. Please see Contact section
  • Read FAQ section above to get a feel about the clinic process.
  • Book a Consultation either by phone or e mail, paying a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure the slot. The full cost is £300.
  • Complete the Foundation Assessment Form: Environmental and Nutritional Factors and also the Foundation assessment: Medical and return in the post to the clinic. The address will be supplied at the time.
  • Start treatment and book Follow up appointments. Follow up slots initially may be 1.5 hours (£95) just so that all the relevant areas can be covered but usually only one or two are needed and then follow ups of 1 hour (£75) thereafter.
  • Once you are hopefully feeling rebalanced you may just want to have an MOT once or twice each year to keep a check on things and working from a preventative mindset. Usually 1 hour (£75)

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