We are very fortunate at the clinic to be able to welcome on board a very talented colleague whose background is environmental architecture (with links to therapeutics for dementia prevention and potential reversal) and more recently health coaching.

From 1980, while living abroad in the USA, Garuth Chalfont focused on designing and building gardens and natural spaces that enable and promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, including private and community spaces for horticultural therapy. After his mother and some of his garden clients experiencing first hand the profound lack of nature in nursing home environments, he returned to the UK and pursued an architecture PhD at Sheffield University in 2002. Here, he continued to design and build, creating engaging outdoor spaces in dementia care environments that stimulate active and enjoyable use by residents, staff and families.

Naturopathic Medicine

Later, as a health researcher for 7 years at Lancaster University, Faculty of Health and Medicine, Centre for Ageing Research he explored the benefits of the natural world for holistic health (mind, body and soul), spearheading investigation into multifactorial lifestyle solutions to prevent dementia and slow the decline. Research studies in the USA were emerging that clearly demonstrated that dementia has root causes that can be addressed and rectified. So, he began the Dementia Pioneers to transform evidence gained through such research into culturally relevant lifestyle change for local communities, presenting far and wide on the topic of dementia prevention and subsequently on dementia reversal, as a clinical trial in 2022 demonstrated.

He now conducts root case analysis of memory problems for clients referred through local clinicians. As an accredited dementia health coach, he now works alongside healthcare practitioners to enable and empower their clients to address the underlying root causes of their memory problems and recover lost abilities through an evidence-based scientifically proven approach.

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