Janet Wrathall

Janet Wrathall ND, B Ed, H Ir, Dip Herb, Dip FCT, MGNI, FRSPH, MANP.

I graduated with a B Ed in Food Science & Nutrition from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1988. Prior to that I had followed the usual route through school to university although I did take two years out to train as a chef. I had been brought up on a farm, growing our own produce and enjoying the freedom that growing up in the country can give you.

After graduating I was lucky enough to get a teaching post at a local secondary school. After ten years there, where I was the head of a busy department, I eventually developed Chronic Fatigue or some people know it simply as M.E. This meant that I had to make the choice to 'retire' from teaching full time at the age of 33. I had also just got married the year before. At the time M.E. wasn't generally recognised as a condition and so I wasn't able to retire on health grounds. Shortly after that, I also began to have fertility problems and within two years I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A month before my diagnosis my father had become very ill with a stroke and within a year he had sadly left us too. Life seemed to take quite a serious turn from thereon and little did I know that my life was to change forever!

A week after we buried my father, my husband left, of course due to the strain of what had been happening over the last year. There was also the factor of a third person in the equation, my father in law, that I felt had enormous control over our situation. This made me feel very suppressed and unable to exist rationally anymore: I was spiralling down into a deep depression. There were two choices at that time: I could stay on my own and relinquish my marriage but at least I would not be in such a controlling situation and work on getting myself better or I would stay in my marriage with this controlling person in the background which certainly wouldn't help my cancer and would lose my life both metaphorically and possibly physically.

It felt at the time it was a choice between life and death. It seems dramatic now looking back with hindsight but at the time it led to a very dark period in my life where I became very depressed and had suicidal thoughts. I can only relate it to being in a prison cell and the world looked very black. The divorce went through and I nearly lost my house.

Thankfully I fought to keep it and also kept some of my dignity. I had however no money or resources to fall back on. I will just add however at this point a very important life lesson ...the people that you feel bring you the most heartache are there to teach you the most profound of lessons. I will never let anyone ever allow me to feel suppressed and downtrodden again and I know that the person that does that is feeling out of control themselves and therefore needs to become overtly controlling; they are coming from a place of fear and need help themselves. I no longer have any angry feelings towards this man and have indeed forgiven him, I could not hold on to the bitterness, that would have just flamed the cancer ! I had a decision to make and that changed the course of my life completely, it was as if I had to start my life again. I grieved for the loss of my father, I grieved for the loss of my husband, I grieved for the loss of the children I couldn't have and I grieved for the health that was slipping away from me BUT…

Somewhere however within the grief and deep sadness I found a strength that showed me the way forward and began to realise that I could rebuild my life. After all I still had the support of my family and friends and of course my gorgeous cats! I am also a rather spiritual being and I shouted more than once "upstairs" to the all-knowing God energy or whatever we wish to call the energy!

There was one particular incident I remember when I was fighting against the divorce and just wouldn’t let go. Whilst driving on the motorway at 75 mph I became aware of another car moving towards my right side and so I instinctively swerved and immediately found myself doing a 360 degree pirouette in the middle of the carriageway! I nearly rolled the car but miraculously came to rest facing the oncoming traffic with my eyes on stalks and learning the next life lesson to stop trying to go against the flow of life and let things go! That evening I phoned my husband up and said he should just go through with the divorce…I wouldn’t contest it any more! I think upstairs was trying to tap me on the head again…albeit rather a large tap I felt this time!!!

I started to build up my Home Tutoring business that I had established when I had left teaching and built upon a small group of existing students. I also started another business promoting health products, doing talks for local groups and so slowly got back on the road to financial recovery although my student fees did rather pinch more than a little! My health was still poor and I remember stealing naps between teaching and my other duties, deciding whether food or sleep was the most important thing at that time as I was working long hours to keep a roof over my head. It had to be done!

Once I became a little saner I took on the task of trying to establish why I had developed breast cancer and the world of Naturopathic Medicine opened up to me. Initially I accepted some surgery, but declined to take any hormonal medication and felt there was a more natural route back to stabilising and removing my cancer. It was then that I decided to pursue 'alternative ' and 'complementary' routes to investigate the reasons behind chronic health issues. I had always been an analyst even in my teens, researching this and that!

My search gave me chance to speak to and study the work of many leading doctors and health professionals in both fields of medicine from around the world. Eventually this led me to study Naturopathic Medicine for five years with the College of Naturopathic Medicine based at Manchester University, complementing my initial studies of Food science and Nutrition in the 1980's

At the time I also realised I had been living with a condition called Hypothyroidism for most of my life and this explained the melancholy disposition I felt I had carried since my childhood. My fibromyalgia, depression, infertility, hormone imbalances and ME were all explainable at last. The jigsaw pieces were beginning to fit together and make sense. I also realised the immense impact that mercury fillings had had on my system and the heavyweight of anti-biotics that I received for teenage acne. Slowly but surely the bigger picture was coming into focus.

There was also the realisation that modern wheat (with the new wheat protein gliadin as well as gluten), modern cow’s milk, refined sugar and yeast were all part of the picture and depressing my immune system to the extent where cancer cells could flourish. My body “soil” had become full of weeds and the mercury in the system was fuelling that! I also had a hefty amount of candida overgrowth…in fact it had gone systemic, even reached my brain. My whole body started to break down and now I was finally understanding the process! What we learnt in my Naturopathic training was making complete sense! The work of Professor Antoine Beauchamp's and Germ Theory had been right after all!

I had 17 mercury fillings and these had been replaced time and time again throughout my life with no safety procedures, emitting enormous amounts of mercury and other heavy metal elements into my brain and then working its’ way throughout my whole system finally into my nervous system. There are thousands of well documented peer reviewed double blind studies now that support the fact that metal in the mouth in whatever form is very destructive and reaches the very nucleus of each cell to cause deep pathologies, although some still refute this fact and the debates go on. I for one who have lived through mercury poisoning and have come out the other end find it extremely insulting to say in some cases that we are just “hypochondriacs”! Believe me these are “real” symptoms!

I was very lucky at the time to be introduced to a forward thinking dentist, Dr John Roberts and his practice in Huddersfield, who is a biological dentist and I would class as one of the world experts on mercury toxicity and pioneers to this day to inform both fellow dentists and the general public about this insidious practice. From my research over the years I realise that heavy metals are probably responsible for most if not all serious pathologies. The deep seated symptoms that I experienced for many, many years were devastating but you put on a brave face and hide it most of the time…extreme tiredness, aching bones and muscles (fibromyalgia),depression, shaking, eye socket ache, intense headaches, digestive problems, co-ordination issues…the list goes on!

I will also be eternally indebted to another pioneer in mercury toxicology…Dr Savely Yurkovsy whom I trained under for three years. He took 30 years to develop his own ground breaking system called Field Control Therapy (FCT) that explains why and how serious pathologies develop and that heavy metals again are responsible for many insidious symptoms. He also developed a system to remove the metals called causative homeopathy. I was lucky enough to travel and train in Ireland and New York alongside other practitioners from all over the globe trying to find answers for serious disease.

As I mentioned above, I have been very humbled to meet and work with some very successful practitioners in the world of alternative medicine and yet another one is an exceptional doctor, Dr Patrick Kingsley, a leading alternative cancer specialist from Leicestershire who helped me through my own recovery from cancer. A conventionally trained GP, who, in the last 25 years of his practice, never prescribed a single pharmaceutical drug. ... In the UK he ran his own private practice in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and retired in October 2006. Sadly he died in 2016 but left an enormous legacy to the alternative health world and the knowledge and research he contributed concerning alternative cancer treatment. I shall always be indebted to him for his kindness and humbling attitude to treating the sick and his help with cases I am now seeing as a practitioner myself.

My own studies involved completing two years of Naturopathic practical and theory plus a year of Physiology, Anatomy and Pathology (Conventional medical training). I also completed two years of Herbal Medicine training and over 300 clinical practice hours. Coming from a rural background I have always been interested in botany and how plants have been used to heal. Indeed my first project at school was about herbal medicine!.

My studies are ongoing and of course our education never stops. I feel privileged to be part of a growing body of natural practitioners who are being given the opportunity to help patients with disease and illness, whether it be a simple sore throat or a life changing event like cancer and teach them to be able to empower themselves to get better and be the person they aspire to be.

Five years ago I invested £10,000.00 in a unique body scanning system called NES (Nutri Energetics Systems) which acts not only as a diagnostic instrument but also helps to restore patients health with healing protocols using an approach from the world of quantum physics, what I and a growing number of practitioners believe to be the next paradigm in medicine. I remember the old adage that states that a new theory is at first scorned and laughed at, then it is investigated and found to have some merit and then it becomes the norm. We are in the process of great reform I believe in the world of medicine.

It is here that I can introduce the next chapter in my story and bring you up to date.

Currently I am working with an American scientist, Dr Chris Shade and the company he established called Quicksilver Scientific. In my mind, like Dr Yurkovsky he is now at the forefront of heavy metal cleansing and testing and has developed the first lab test of its kind to explain what impact the heavy metals, particularly mercury are having on the body, especially the liver and kidneys and how this affects how we progress with treatment.

He has also developed an incredible array of treatment products that are both safe and effective but care is needed when working with these components as work has to be done on an individual basis. We are all unique in our make up!

This has led me onto the next and most current area of my research …into genetics and what our genetic profiles can reveal about out detoxification systems and how we react individually to modern and alternative medicines alike! This is patient centred medicine and epigenetics, a very complex yet incredibly revealing system of working. It has become rather specialist and so we try to help new patients understand that self treatment must be taken very cautiously, in fact it probably isn’t wise just to take information off the internet and “do it yourself”. We have seen many a patient get into more serious pathology by doing this. That is not to say of course as practitioners we have all the answers…not at all…it is merely that we are dealing with very complex bodies and patients aren't merely seen as a number in the system but as individuals that need nourishing at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in order to obtain optimum health. Epigenetics is yet another tool in our tool kit for trying to understand the origins of pathology. Again it doen’t have all the conclusive answers.

It takes many years to investigate and understand all the areas that need to be worked upon to regain health and vitality. We all continue to learn! It is a bit like building your own house without asking the advise of an architect...there are so many pitfalls with treatment but as practitioners we are in the lucky position to see this every day in practice and thus start to be able to put the jigsaw pieces together.

Currently I also have links with another inspirational colleague called Rosa Hughes who established a movement called "The Breast Revolution". Like myself, Rosa was diagnosed with breast cancer and she also turned to her expertise as a homeopathic practitioner plus other natural modalities and successfully treated her own cancer.

It is a privilege to be able to work alongside Rosa and other women who want to take the message out into the community that getting cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence! Rosa's bid to take Thermal Imaging, a safe breast screening technique, to every community in England is at the forefront of the campaign. Mammography should be left in the museum of outdated medical screening devices ...time will tell how this device will be seen for what it is...and considerable controversy remains regarding its value despite what we read in the press!

Both herself and her husband Phil are both respected homeopaths and they have just won a film award for a documentary they worked on containing interviews with top medical professionals such as Professor Peter Gotsche (Nordic Cochrane Trust), Professor Andrew Evans (Hon Consultant Radiologist) and Professor Mike Baum (Professor emeritus of Surgery, King’s College Hospital, London) and women who have undergone unnecessary breast surgery for cancer they may not even have had!

We must stay optimistic for the future of alternative medicine and indeed integrative medicine, although we do often have to fight many legalistic battles, getting Bills passed through parliament that will protect you the general public and ourselves within the profession. Modern western allopathic medicine has much to offer too within certain areas of medicine…I believe the work done by our A and E staff is incredible and to be applauded. We must take I believe the best from both paradigms and work together to give our patients the greatest possible care.

That takes my story up to the present day…over 4 years ago I got involved with a rather serious event that led to me losing a great deal of money via a fraudster, who also tried to blackmail me and close down my clinic plus a few other unsavoury inventive ideas that she came up with. This led to PTSD and an immune system failure .In March 2016 I lost my future husband to suicide and so again my immune system took a further nosedive and I developed Lyme disease. I have still been running my clinics of 11 hour days 5 days a week…I think that has kept me sane and helping people I feel is what we are here for! I believe I am working through treating my Lyme disease again so that I can get a grip on treatment and so far I am thankfully having success…I think we are nearly there! I do believe that the mind plays an enormous role in health and that through grit and determination we can achieve anything. A new chapter will indeed be ahead and those of us that have pulled ourselves out of the deep trench of situational depression and anxiety can therefore be more able to get alongside our fellow humans and say “I get you! I have been where you are and I will try to help you!”

So finally…what are we looking for in 21st century health treatments? Working within an environment that honours people of all ages and has compassion for people's circumstances.

The Clinic of Natural Medicine tries to combine the best of ancient diagnostic techniques and treatments with new technological developments like the NES system developed by a professor of energy medicine! I have told you my personal story in the hope that as patients you can feel that I may be able to empathise with you. I see my cancer as a catalyst for my new life and without having experienced some of the illnesses I have listed I wouldn't be able to understand what you as patients are now facing.

I wish you abundant health, happy relationships and a joyful disposition.

Ulcerative Colitis/Musculo-Skeletal issues/Deep anxiety issues/Underactive thyroid

Dear Janet,

Thank you for an inspirational consultation. I am aware of how much progress I have made and look forward to future improvements. This, I believe is only achievable through Naturopathic medicine and I feel confident that all will be well. I look forward to seeing you again next month.

Kidney Stones

I contacted Janet in late January 2012 on the recommendation of my sister-in-law, herself a homoeopath and thermographer, after suffering acute and debilitating abdominal pains whilst at work I was rushed by ambulance to hospital and diagnosed with a large kidney stone (12mm by 4mm) for which I'd not had any previous warnings or history of. I should say at this point that by and large my family and I favour and use homoeopathic and naturopathic medicine for any ailments but the emergency circumstances of my situation momentarily took this out of my hands.

My stay in hospital was brief and involved one session of lithotripsy which was unsuccessful and painful. Once back home I contacted Janet. Despite her busy schedule, Janet kindly assessed my case and subsequently sent me details of a tried and tested kidney dissolver and some kidney tea. I proceeded to take these whilst still attending consultations at the hospital - I was now scheduled for an operation in April 2012. At my pre-op assessment in March 2012 a CT Scan was conducted and there was found to be NO SIGN OF THE STONE or any calcified deposits! Despite my previously telling the doctors about the naturopathic treatment I was undertaking, they showed no interest but were now suddenly very curious and enquiring about what I had done as this was unprecedented. They concluded the stone had totally dissolved and disappeared and conceded that they could only attribute it to whatever I'd done.

Janet was very pleased but not surprised at my news as it's what she confidently expected!! Of course, my family and I and my employers too, were ecstatic at this news and the avoidance and intrusiveness of an operational procedure and the disruption that comes with it. I should also say that I didn't feel any discomfort throughout my treatment.

Throughout and after Janet was fantastic, helpful and had such a calming and wonderful manner. I've continued with some stones aftercare remedies and will conduct Janet's own gall bladder flush in the near future as an added health enhancer. In fact, such is my interest in naturopathy I'm now looking at study of the subject and short courses! All this courtesy of Janet's gentle and wonderful treatment and long may her good work and practice continue and along with other naturopathic practitioners, show us all that in this day and age, there are other natural ways to tackle ailments.

Highly recommended.

Serious food intolerance and sensitivities/underactive thyroid/very low energy/candida issues/body pain generally/ME.

After suffering for 12 years with all kinds of little symptoms from ear ache to ME my doctor just wanted to have me take tranquillizers hoping I'd just go away. A specialist suggested I got myself a bottle of gin and relaxed! If he had been bothered to find out what was wrong with me he'd have known that was the worst thing to suggest.

Then I found Janet - who's FCT treatment and liver and gallbladder flushes are just amazing !. The FCT treatment is the future, it is quite remarkable, I'm quite sure that without this treatment I would not have got well again. The liver and gallbladder flushes are so very important to do, I myself have cleared over 3000 gallstones and now find I can at last eat virtually anything (no wheat or sugar though not good for anyone!). I don't want the candida I had to return.

The way I feel now as to the way I felt when I first met this remarkable woman - well there is no comparison.

My grateful thanks to you Janet.


My daughter Amelia has been making small but gradual improvements ever since she started using the aloe vera cream. I think you know this much. Just recently though, her skin looks almost totally clear. I cannot tell you how much this means to us and want to thank you again. I cannot tell you how worried Mark and I were about Amelia as he was really having a hard time. I think that when I spoke to you about her I was probably at my wits end.

I am very grateful you took the time to care and to intervene in our lives and in the process start Amelia on the road to recovery. The Aloe Vera cream really helped to deal with the localised infections she was getting and things started to improve from then on.

Thank you for taking the time to care and in the process help to bring about a miracle in our lives.

My grateful thanks to you Janet.

Learning Difficulties

Our daughter was having learning and co-ordination difficulties, support was in place in school. We'd done as much as we could for her. We came across the FCT therapy and decided to give it a go. We followed the regime word for word and saw great improvements in her speech, writing and co-ordination after every session.

I would strongly recommend FCT as it has changed my daughter's life. Progress has been amazing since the therapy. I also have her teachers telling us what fantastic development she is making.

Schizophrenia and Clinical Depression

From the age of 7 I felt "strange", lots of funny thoughts and feelings.

My problems really began about 8 years ago when I visited my GP.

I was unable to concentrate, couldn't sleep, had no feelings, couldn't function and at one point I couldn't even write my own name. Worst of all, I didn't even care. I didn't think about committing suicide, but I could understand why someone would.

I was prescribed Seroxat antidepressants and told to come back in 6 weeks, when I did return to my doctor there was no improvement at all. I was then prescribed Carbamazepine to take in conjunction with the antidepressants and told to come back in 6 weeks.

Six weeks later, again no improvement so I was given an antipsychotic drug to take in conjunction with the Seroxat and Carbamazepine and again "come back in 6 weeks. I was then prescribed Lithium for which I had to go for blood tests every 6 weeks. I was then referred to a psychiatrist at the hospital who asked "why I was taking such a cocktail of drugs, as I looked and seemed ok. I was forever putting an act on. My GP informed me that I was bipolar/ with schizophrenic tendencies and I would have to take the 13 tablets daily for the rest of my life.

I continued to take the tablets as prescribed but I didn't feel any better, just like a zombie. In fact the side effects of the medications were sometimes worse than the illness they were treating. I had no interest, didn't want or like anything, in fact I didn't like myself. I was very difficult to live with, my wife was prescribed antidepressants to deal with me. In fact I was so difficult that my wife divorced me.

The day my wife met Janet was one of the best days of my life I had hope of recovery. I must admit, like many people I was very sceptical of alternative remedies. I thought to myself "what could this lady do for me when my own GP had given up on me?

I had several FCT treatments, some herbal and homoeopathic remedies and took everything just as advised. I slowly decreased my medications from my GP, until I was taking no prescription medications at all yet feeling "better.

I continued to improve over the coming months, although it was slow I was definitely feeling better.

I am now the best I have been in a long time, and am looking forward to the future. I am now back at home with my "ex wife and our relationship is back as it was when we first met... if not better. This illness also affects your friends and family, in fact I can only describe it as being on "self- destruct although you know you are doing it, you can't help it.

I would never have believed that alternative remedies could be so successful, had I not experienced them for myself.

Thank you so much Janet for everything you have done, without you I might not even be here today.

Disclaimer: These testimonials are personal experiences and therefore they do not represent medical evidence but only patient's viewpoints.

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