A common question we get asked in modern Naturopathic medicine is why is it that one person who eats a bad diet, smokes, drinks and infrequently exercises can seemingly be running around with good health and another person who does all the right things could be in tremendous pain, exhausted and a nervous wreck?

These are extremes of course but the question is indeed an important one. As human beings we are a highly complex biochemical blend and no two people are the same, even identical twins have different thought patterns and can have independent illnesses.

We have to consider that what we see is not always what we are! In other words there may be something beyond the reality we call our body. The bag of skin that houses our biochemical pathways is also an unseen quantum dimension which as science is beginning to uncover is connected to a vast and incredibly structured universe.

Each one of us is born with an interesting blend of genetics, the blueprint of who we are and so it seems reasonable to suggest that the true self is our genetics and the result of those genetics with our environmental interactions. This is precisely what epigenetics is all about, understanding how out basic blueprint can be altered not just in this generation but all the generations before us and how this impacts our current life.

We are therefore talking a complex blend of both physiological and energetic perspectives. We often refer to this as balancing body, mind and spirit!

It is therefore essential that we assess the level of imbalance in all these states. We do know however, and are seeing now a myriad of evidence to show that the human body cannot tolerate toxic metals or toxic chemicals, they can shut down body processes and actually cut off the connection to our spiritual essence. Science again is finding there are no safe levels for example for toxic metals within the human body; they degrade and hamper the intricate workings of the body, even down to deep cellular levels and cause severe detrimental effects on our brain chemistry in the form of neurotoxins.

When treating seriously compromised bodies then we need to take into consideration a few important pointers:

  • What has that body brought down its ancestral line in terms of toxic elements?
  • How good is that body at clearing those toxins out of its body ie how well do the excretory organs work: lungs, skin, liver, kidneys and intestinal tract? Many individuals with chronic health issues have very poorly functioning livers and kidneys and so harmful toxins just keep circulating in their system and can't get out, wreaking havoc as they go in a downward spiralling effect.
  • What harmful toxins are still being introduced into that body either willingly or unwillingly?
  • What harmful environmental energies are still being absorbed by that body?
  • What traumas and conflicts on an emotional level has that body been exposed to this lifetime so far and again what has that body inherited in terms of imprints and memories from our family lineage?

In order to understand the puzzle of ill health and produce protocols that can unwind the accumulated debris from the body, mind and spirit, a full assessment needs to take place covering the whole gamut of potential players in the game of disease. Sadly on the planet we live at the minute there are rather a lot, but the good news is that we can eventually begin to see the wood for the trees and as long as we have the means to clear the body of these toxic elements, either physical or emotional we can begin to return to health and vitality. The only step left then is to protect that cleansed body with simple regimes and healing foods and prevent future contamination. By understanding what our bodies need to keep healthy and function at its best level possible then hitting a century if that is what we wish will be an easier goal to aim for.

So at The Clinic of Natural Medicine we start with an in depth look at all the physical and emotional toxins we have picked up along the way using physical and state of art quantum assessment systems that can give us the bigger picture, these include:

Toxic Metals

  • Amalgam fillings/gold fillings
  • Vaccinations (in the form of thimerosal)
  • Polluted air, chem trails - particularly aluminium, barium and strontium. Crematorium emissions.
  • Metal food wrappings eg. foil

Mould, Fungus & Candida

  • Mouldy living environment
  • Mouldy working environment
  • Mouldy foods

Toxic Chemicals

  • From the atmosphere (chem trails and horticultural spraying)
  • Factory emissions
  • Personal care products and make up
  • Household cleaning products
  • Garden chemicals
  • Veterinary chemicals
  • Plastic food wrappings
  • Cigarette smoke and e-cigarette chemicals
  • Fluoridation and chlorine and other residuals in the water e.g. hormones and pharmaceutical drugs

Geopathic Stress & Electromagnetic Frequencies

Geopathic stress or harmful earth rays as it is sometimes called, is natural radiation that rises from the earth and is distorted by week electromagnetic fields created by water veins, fault lines and so on. Sleeping over these lines has been shown to reduce our immunity levels and therefore affect how we fight disease. We can check for these lines and either move our beds or use various protection devises to minimise or eradicate the negative effects. There is also growing evidence that EMF'S have an adverse effect on human health.

Emotional Trauma

  • Pre birth
  • Throughout your life

Our Genetic Make Up, Constituation & Ancestry

  • Carrier genes for certain acquired genetic birth defects
  • Epigenetics (the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off)


  • Root canal fillings
  • Cavitations (pockets of toxic microbes left in the gums from tooth removal)
  • Reactions to dental plastics eg. MMA
  • Reaction to anaesthetics

Body Misalignment

Having a misaligned spine can affect your general health and increase the risk of several chronic conditions. You may experience poor posture, decreased mobility, permanent joint deformities, respiratory problems, a reduced range of motion, and several other problems.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Currently, rather than address the root cause of chronic disease through lifestyle changes, we prioritise drugs that give - at best - only a marginal chance of long-term benefit for individuals, most of whom will derive no health outcome improvement. The reality is that lifestyle changes not only reduce the risk of future disease, their positive effects on quality of life happen within days to weeks. However, those patients unlucky enough to suffer side effects from prescribed medicines may find their quality of life will deteriorate in order to enjoy small longer term benefits from the medication.

Of course patients may need to use both, but what's important is that information is presented in a transparent way to encourage shared decision making. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' Choosing Wisely campaign encourages patients to ask their doctor whether they really need a medication, test or procedure.

Radiation Exposure

  • X-rays eg. mammograms or MRI's
  • Radiation in the atmosphere from power plant leaks
  • Radioactive isotope scanning


  • Non-organic foods
  • GM foods
  • Modern wheat, dairy and refined sugar
  • Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners

Once all the data is gathered, a unique and personal programme can then be devised for treatment.

Understandably if a body has taken some years to get ill then it will probably take some years to get well. Often we can equate the number of years one has been ill to the number of months it may take to feel human again!

It can also be rather an intense and overwhelming time sometimes as clearing old debris will undoubtedly bring with it old aches and pains, emotional releases and as toxins exit the system toxic release symptoms like headaches and tiredness.

As the body is highly complex and many systems are being tested sometimes the body may not act as the text book says and so further research may be required to bring the body back to full health. Good food, early to bed, plenty of water, rest and as stress free environment as possible will all make for a quicker recovery but it can be done, as is seen day in, day out in this clinic and many other natural clinics throughout the world.

At The Clinic of Natural Medicine we are totally committed to helping you make that journey the easiest it can be. As practitioners we are only the facilitators, it is you the patients that are the real victors.

"Thankfully I once endured the most rigorous of cleansing techniques during my experiences with breast cancer, mercurial poisoning, chronic fatigue, clinical depression and unrelenting pain. I am witness only to the fact that it can be done. Never give in and never let someone else tell you there is no hope!"
Janet Wrathall

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