Janet Wrathall has 20 years of naturopathic medicine clinical experience having recovered from her own health challenges of ME, breast cancer, endocrine imbalances (ie adrenal/thyroid), heavy metal toxicity, clinical depression, PTSD and lyme disease. She is therefore in an informed and unique position to help you with your health issues.

She has undergone training both nationally in the UK and internationally in Dublin and New York and with some of the most talented forward thinking innovators in the natural medicine sector. Janet's continued education in health related fields combined with a passion for healing inspired her to open her practice of natural medicine in the beautiful market town of Garstang in Lancashire. Her premise is "health is much greater than just absence of infirmity, it should be abundant vitality".

Naturopathic Medicine

Unfortunately the clinic had to close during the Covid lockdown period but she has continued to work from home since. Currently she is working in association with a group called the PHA (People's Health Alliance) www.the-pha.org to co ordinate a team of health professionals that will then practice from a large central health hub to service the North West of England. It will comprise of a new approach in terms of assessment systems and how medicine can hopefully have a more integrated approach using the best of both modern and naturopathic medicine in one place.

The clinic is also very lucky to now be working very closely with one of the UK's leading Naturopathic doctors Lisa Steel who has been “road testing” this type of set up in her Winchester and London clinics for the last 23 years. She has been developing a blueprint that should be able to be rolled out across the country.

  • B Ed Degree (Food Science & Nutrition), Leeds Metropolitan University 1985-1988
  • Certificate in Counselling, Leeds Metropolitan University 1985-1988
  • Naturopathic Diploma, College of Naturopathic Medicine based at Manchester University 2003-2008
  • Anatomy, Pathology and Physiology 2003-2004
  • Diploma in Herbal Medicine 2004-2006
  • Certificate in Holistic Iridology, Cambridge Holistic Iridology 2006-2008
  • Diploma in Field Control Therapy, Dr. Savely Yurkovsky part time 2004-2007
  • NES Certificate in Nutri Energetics Systems 2011
  • Fully qualified classically trained Chef in French Culinary Arts and Patisserie 1981-83
  • Certificate in Nutrigenomics: A Functional Medicine Approach, Northern College of Acupuncture, York July 2016


  • Association of Naturopathic Practitioners
  • Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International
  • Former Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health
  • General Naturopathic Council
  • The Society for Homotoxicology and Anti-Homotoxic Therapy
  • UK Medical Freedom Alliance
  • People's Health Alliance

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