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Heavy Metal Detox/Dentistry

Naturopath | Iridology | The Clinic of Natural Medicine


Naturopath | Iridology | The Clinic of Natural Medicine


Naturopath | Iridology | The Clinic of Natural Medicine

Dietary Analysis & Supplementation

Naturopath | Iridology | The Clinic of Natural Medicine

Individual Treatment Plans - Tailor made treatment protocols that are re assessed on a monthly basis. They may comprise of the following assessments and treatments:



Iridology is the scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris of the eye which locates areas and stages of inflammation throughout the body. The iris is the portion of the eye showing colour. It reveals body constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, health levels, and transitions that take place in a person's body according to their way of life.

A complete iris analysis will show whether a person exhibits a generally good constitution or a poor one, depending upon the density of the iris fibres. It also reveals the relative site of over-activity, irritation, injury or degeneration of the tissues and organs. Toxic accumulation levels can he observed as well as nutritional and chemical imbalances. Iridology however will not show or name a specific disease.

Sadly due to the closure of the “physical clinic” this assessment modality is not available at this current time.

Field Control Therapy (Causative Homeopathy/Bio-Resonance):

A system Invented and utilised by Dr Savely Yurkovsky MD over the last 30 plus years. He is a member of the American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), American Institute of Homeopathy and is also one of the founding directors of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM) in New York. Disenchanted with the dismal yield of conventional medicine in the care of chronic disease, he turned to the exploration and thorough study of Alternative Medicine. In 2005 he was nominated for the prestigious Bravewell Leadership Award for "significant contributions to the field of medicine" and "compelling vision for the future of medicine".

He currently maintains a very bust private practice in Chappaqua, New York. He also founded his own teaching institution 'SYY Integrated Health Systems Ltd' in order to further develop the work he started with his mentor Professor Emeritus of Materials Science, William A Tiller of Stanford University. Since 1999 he has taught this new curriculum to medical doctors and licensed health care professionals with special emphasis on energy based diagnostic and therapeutic modalities aimed particularly at toxicological, biological and nuclear agents.

FCT understands that some of the body's organs have been weakened by toxins such as mercury, which leaks from the dental fillings that most of us have, antibiotic residues, again which most of us have had, or even remnants of old vaccinations. It detects which organs are affected using a system of muscle testing and it then helps the body to release these toxins using a form of homeopathy.

FCT is a synthesis of knowledge incorporating physics, quantum physics, energy related modern biology/biophysics, toxicology, immunology, immuno-toxicology, endocrinology and laws governing complex living systems.

Sadly due to the closure of the “physical clinic” this assessment modality is not available at this current time.

NES (Nutri Energetic Systems) using the NES ProVision Advanced Analysis Software:

A beautifully designed, incredibly comprehensive health assessment tool that probes the human body field to identify the bio-energetic and bio-informational distortions that may underline physical, mental or emotional issues.You simply place your hand on a scanning device and in moments the software returns more than 150 results about the body and body field in anatomically-correct and extremely detailed graphical representations.

This service is still available and you can now scan in the comfort of your home by purchasing a NES scanner for £50 from The clinic of Natural Medicine.

Specific Nutritional deficiencies analysis:

All nutritional analysis is now done using the NES scanning system. It can potentially show deficiencies and if the body is absorbing the nutrients appropriately.

Heavy Metal Body Burden Lab Testing/Dentistry:

To establish toxic levels of heavy metals in the body and safe treatment plans to remove them. This is at the basis of all treatments for serious illness - more and more people are realising the negative effects that heavy metals, particularly mercury, aluminium and lead have on the human body.

There are very few qualified dentists in the UK who specialise in safe mercury/amalgam extraction.It is extremely important that all currently recognised safety procedures are put in place when removing amalgam or other metallic composite fillings. The Clinic of Natural Medicine works in tandem with Dr John Roberts and his holistic dental practice in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. He has an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience in this field and established the IAOMT(International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, UK branch) in 1995. He has to date run more courses on the subjest of holistic, mercury free dentistry than any other practitioner here in the UK.

Other Laboratory tests:

The clinic offers a full laboratory screening service using either a blood, urine, stool or saliva sample, including specialist gene testing. See our Laboratory testing page.

Blood Pressure Check:

Both an indirect method can be performed using a manual cuff and sphygmomanometer or with an automated oscillometric device.

This can be done by yourself with a simple BP cuff at home if it is a necessary part of your health protocol.

Nail, Tongue & Skin:

When examining the tongue, the practitioner looks at the colour of the tongue body, its size and shape, the colour and thickness of its coating or fur, locations of abnormalities and moistness or dryness of the tongue body and fur. These signs reveal not only overall states of health, but correlate to specific organ functions and disharmonies, especially in the digestive system. Not all tongue irregularities are indications of disharmony, however. Food and drugs may change the coating or colour of the body of the tongue.

Nails and skin assessment can also reveal clues about deep seated issues that the body is expressing.

This can also be assessed via Zoom or telephone conversation.

New Research

The clinic has been very fortunate to start to work with another quantum medicine system called “Healy”! It is similar to the NES system in that it works with energetic frequencies to rebalance the body. More information will become available about this system over the next few months within this website.

Further specific symptom questionnaires:

To assess hormone fluctuations, body temperature and candida overgrowth.

Acid/ Alkaline body balance pH testing with urine and saliva samples:

Home testing to assess acidity of the body.

Counselling and Emotional balancing:

Assessment using a DASS analysis form for evaluating levels of Depression, Anxiety and Stress.


Naturopathic Cleansing & Detoxification Protocols:

Tried and tested methods of bowel, kidney, gall bladder and liver detox, specialising in Heavy Metal Clearance.

Orthomolecular Supplementation Therapy:

Is where the body is balanced, strengthened and cleansed through the use of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Enzymes and so on.

Dietary and lifestyle changes:

Analysis of diet, mainly looking at wheat, dairy, sugar, yeast and alcohol consumption and assessing individual body types that require tailor made healthy eating regimes. Discussion of feasable and healthier food alternatives that allow the body to start to regenerate healthier tissue and therefore give the body a chance to expel long standing disease patterns.

"Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food" Hippocrates 460BC-377BC.

Hydrotherapy & Skin Brushing:

Are techniques used to clear inflammation and help the body's waste disposal system to clear and work more efficiently.

NES Quantum Energy Infoceutical treatment drops:

A revolutionary new medical scientific system of treatment that uses liquids infused with organic colloidal minerals that are imprinted with "corrective information" - to remedy distortions and blockages in the information flow of the body-field. The imprinted information acts as a magnetic signpost to engage the body's self- healing ability.

NES Musculo-Skeletal Therapy:

Developed by the same team as the NES screening this devise is used on the body on specific areas to relieve pain or discomfort.

Botanical Herbal medicine:

Herbal medicine -- also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine -- refers to using a plant's seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. Herbalism has a long tradition of use outside of conventional medicine. It is becoming more mainstream as improvements in analysis and quality control along with advances in clinical research show the value of herbal medicine in the treating and preventing disease.

FCT (Field Control Therapy) causative homeopathic drops:

The primary therapeutic tools of FCT are little known branches of homeopathy known as isopathy (nosodes) and organotherapy (sarcodes). A nosode is a homeopathic remedy prepared from a pathological specimen such as a parasite, fungus, or heavy metal. A sarcode is a homeopathic remedy prepared from a healthy specimen such as an organ or tissue. The result is the stimulation of the body's innate ability to detoxify and to restore the health of cells and organs These are administered as drops under the tongue.

Tissue salts and classical homeopathic remedies:

Tissue Salts are specially prepared micro-doses of the body's 12 essential minerals. These minerals are important for the functioning and health of the body; if deficiency or imbalance occurs, common ailments or illness may result. With today's reliance on highly processed foods, keeping a healthy balance of minerals in the body is often difficult.

Schuessler Tissue Salts are natural, suitable for the whole family and may be taken alongside other medications and dietary supplements including minerals and vitamins. They are specially formulated homeopathic micro-doses that are absorbed in the mouth rather than in the stomach and gastric tract.

Counselling and Emotional balancing:

Natural supplementation with vitamins, minerals and other orthomolecular medicines. Discussion of solutions for moving forward where environmental stressors have overwhelmed the emotional, spiritual and physical body, creating a way forward!

Health Solutions Research Package:

A service that will investigate the most appropriate natural treatment for "unusual" 'rare' or what are classed as "untreatable" conditions when all avenues of "modern" medicine have been pursued. Fees are calculated on an hourly rate.

Talks/Lecture Service:

Janet Wrathall has a degree in education and taught at secondary school level for 10 years. There is a menu of subjects to choose from including An Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine, Iridology, Preventing Winter illnesses and Spring Detox. Also available for Charity or Fund raising events where a minimum petrol fee is requested.

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