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Natural Medicine Testimonials

Sadly due to the first Lockdown in March 2020 the clinic premises in Garstang had to close in September of that year BUT the clinic still continues to thrive as both the Consultation and Dispensary have moved to home premises.

As a member of the PHA (People’s Health Alliance) we are currently looking for new premises to develop an integrated Health Hub in the local area.

There is currently a 12 month Waiting List for consultations but please contact the clinic if you still want to be placed on the end of the list. We see both national and international patients and therefore see people either “in the flesh” or by Zoom. All aspects of assessment can still be covered whatever medium you choose.

The clinic receives many communications per day so please bear with us in getting back to you. If you haven’t heard from us within a week then please resend your message either by phone or e mail.

Once on the Waiting List you will then be contacted by either the clinic PA (Deborah Clarke) or Janet Wrathall ND before the initial consultation There is also a Q&A section under the Enquiries tab on the clinic website to get any initial queries ironed out for you mainly explaining the clinic process.

Please Note we will be closed on the following dates in 2023/2024: MMon 6th Feb - Fri 10th Feb ADMIN & RESEARCH WEEK
Mon 13th March – Fri 17th March ADMIN & RESEARCH WEEK
Mon 17th April – Fri 21st April ADMIN & RESEARCH WEEK
Mon 22nd May – Fri 26th May ANNUAL LEAVE
Mon 26th June – Fri 30th June ADMIN & RESEARCH WEEK
Mon 31st July – Fri 4th August ANNUAL LEAVE
Mon 4th – Fri 8th Sept ADMIN & RESEARCH WEEK
Mon 9th Oct – Fri 13th Oct ANNUAL LEAVE
Mon 13th Nov – Fri 17th Dec ADMIN & RESEARCH WEEK
Mon 25th Dec – Fri 5th Jan ‘24 ANNUAL LEAVE
Clinic will therefore re open on Mon 7th Jan ‘24

NB These proposed dates may well be adjusted as we know more about getting a physical health hub opened in this area.

About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is effectively an 'Independent Alternative Healthcare Profession' but does aim to work in an integrated way with the modern "allopathic" medical model when required.

Registered Naturopaths (ND) receive extensive training in anatomy, physiology and pathology: they have to have an excellent understanding of how the body works and what happens when things go wrong. They are also trained in one or two specialist areas like modern herbal medicine or homeopathy.

Often a qualified Naturopath has to assess clients modern pharmaceutical drug plan and then work out protocols to combine with 'natural medicines' with the aim that the reliance on modern drugs can be reduced (by the GP or consultant) and sometimes even eliminated. The body can then be re-balanced and the natural healing energy of the body restored.

Naturopathic medicine works on all levels - Body, Mind and Spirit and uses various modalities to conquer health issues.

At The Clinic of Natural Medicine we have pioneering diagnostic equipment to analyse nutritional status, toxic loading of the body, emotional states, musculo-skeletal status, bioenergetic blockages and much more. Backed by scientific rigour these testing modalities give an excellent picture of the body's physiological processes, not just an anatomical readout. Thermal whole body and breast screening are also available and any blood, urine or saliva test that may be pertinent to a particular case. All labs used are CQC & CPA registered.

Initially a deep level of individual assessment will be done on the part of the practitioner in order to establish the root cause of the disease. On-going assessment is usually done on a monthly basis and treatment plans changed accordingly.

Area of Specialism

Chronic disease processes

From a physiological perspective toxic metal build up (absorbed from out chemtrail laden atmosphere) plus multiple pathogen presentations like Lyme and co-infections appear to be at the heart of a lot of chronicity alongside hormone dysregulation and detoxification pathway issues, especially in the liver. Dis-ease often appears however from our current understanding at a root level, to develop from either a physical or emotional trauma which is held in the body at a “quantum level”.it is “remembered” and expresses itself in a way to get your attention!

Hence that is why each person is a unique and beautiful blend of physiology and quantum energy expression and that “one size fits all” adage may be fine for a robot but certainly not for a human being.

The hormone system (endocrinology is the study of the hormone system) is also hugely important to get rebalanced and often people with chronic disease have had their fair share of trauma and stress which either adds to the existing stress of the body or more often than not is at the heart of dis-ease. It is therefore essential that the main endocrine glands and especially the hypothalamus (called The Master Gland in the brain) is assessed and rebalanced as everything downline of this gland will become desynchronised. A good analogy would be the hypothalamus is the conductor of an orchestra and the other endocrine glands are the sections of the orchestra. Without a conductor to guide them they will get very confused and produce a terrible sound rather than a harmonious one.

Janet Wrathall ND

JanetWrathall ND Janet Wrathall has 19 years of Naturopathic Medicine clinical experience having recovered from her own health challenges of ME, breast cancer, endocrine imbalances (ie adrenal / thyroid), heavy metal toxicity, clinical depression, PTSD and Lyme disease. She is therefore in an informed and unique position to help you with your health issues.

She has undergone training both nationally in the UK and Internationally in Dublin and New York and with some of the most talented forward thinking innovators in the Natural Medicine sector. Janet's continued education in health related fields combined with a passion for healing inspired her to open her practice of Natural Medicine in the beautiful market town of Garstang in Lancashire, UK. Her premise is "Health is much greater than just absence of infirmity, it should be abundant Vitality!"

Sadly the Garstang practice was lost due to Lockdown in March 2020 and closed its’ doors in September but the practice still thrives and now operating from a home environment for the time being. One day we hope to open up a new clinic within this location.

  • B Ed Degree (Food Science & Nutrition) Leeds Metropolitan University 1985-1988
  • Certificate in Counselling Leeds Metropolitan University 1985-1988
  • Naturopathic Diploma (ND) College of Naturopathic Medicine based at Manchester University 2003-2008
    • 2003-2004 Anatomy, Pathology and Physiology
    • 2004-2006 Diploma in Herbal Medicine (Dip Herb)
    • 2006-2008 Certificate in Holistic Iridology (H Ir) Cambridge Holistic Iridology
  • Diploma in Field Control Therapy (Dip FCT-Causative Homeopathy) Dr Savely Yurkovsky part time 2004 - 2007
  • NES Certificate in Nutri Energetics Systems 2011
  • Fully qualified Classically Trained Chef in French Culinary Arts and Patisserie (1981-83)
  • Certificate in Nutrigenomics: A Functional Medicine Approach (Northern College of Acupuncture, York) July 2016

Member of:

  • ANP Association of Naturopathic Practitioners
  • GNI Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International
  • FRSPH Former Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health
  • GNC General Naturopathic Council
  • The Society for Homotoxicology & Anti-Homotoxic Therapy
  • UKMFA UK Medical Freedom Alliance
  • PHA People’s Health Alliance

Conditions Treated

The Clinic of Natural Medicine assesses and treats any disease or illness/health issue and also specialises in chronic and degenerative conditions that require in depth analysis and careful monitoring during treatment. Most are highly complex conditions that require time and investment on the part of the patient and practitioner. The Clinic endeavours to bring the best of leading edge treatment for the most affordable prices.

Health Coach Mr Garuth Chalfont Ph D

JanetWrathall ND We are very fortunate at the clinic to be able to welcome on board a very talented colleague whose background is environmental architecture (with links to therapeutics for dementia prevention and potential reversal) and more recently Health coaching…

From 1980, while living abroad in the USA, Garuth Chalfont focused on designing and building gardens and natural spaces that enable and promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, including private and community spaces for horticultural therapy. After his mother and some of his garden clients experiencing first-hand the profound lack of nature in nursing home environments, he returned to the UK and pursued an Architecture PhD at Sheffield Uni in 2002. Here he continued to design and build, creating engaging outdoor spaces in dementia care environments that stimulate active and enjoyable use by residents, staff and families

Later, as a health researcher for 7 years at Lancaster University, Faculty of Health and Medicine, Centre for Ageing Research he explored the benefits of the natural world for holistic health (mind-body-soul), spearheading investigation into multifactorial lifestyle solutions to prevent dementia and slow the decline. Research studies in the USA were emerging that clearly demonstrated that dementia has root causes that can be addressed and rectified. So, he began the Dementia Pioneers to transform evidence gained through such research into culturally relevant lifestyle change for local communities, presenting far and wide on the topic of dementia prevention and subsequently on dementia reversal, as a clinical trial in 2022 demonstrated.

He now conducts root-case analysis of memory problems for clients referred through local clinicians. As an accredited Dementia Health Coach, he now works alongside healthcare practitioners to enable and empower their clients to address the underlying root causes of their memory problems and recover lost abilities through an evidence-based scientifically proven approach.

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Due to the volume of enquiries please expect up to 2 weeks for a reply to your e mail or telephone requests

Opening Hours

Monday: 9.30am - 5.30pm
Tuesday: 9.30am - 5.30pm
Wednesday: 9.30am - 5.30pm
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