About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is effectively an independent alternative healthcare profession but does aim to work in an integrated way with the modern allopathic medical model when required.

Registered naturopaths receive extensive training in anatomy, physiology and pathology. They have to have an excellent understanding of how the body works and what happens when things go wrong. They are also trained in one or two specialist areas like modern herbal medicine or homeopathy.

Often a qualified naturopath has to assess clients modern pharmaceutical drug plan and then work out protocols to combine with natural medicines with the aim that the reliance on modern drugs can be reduced (by the GP or consultant) and sometimes even eliminated. The body can then be rebalanced and the natural healing energy of the body restored.

Naturopathic medicine works on all levels. Body, mind and spirit and uses various modalities to conquer health issues.

At the Clinic of Natural Medicine we have pioneering diagnostic equipment to analyse nutritional status, toxic loading of the body, emotional states, musculoskeletal status, bioenergetic blockages and much more. Backed by scientific rigour these testing modalities give an excellent picture of the body's physiological processes, not just an anatomical readout. Thermal whole body and breast screening are also available and any blood, urine or saliva test that may be pertinent to a particular case. All labs used are CQC and CPA registered.

Initially a deep level of individual assessment will be done on the part of the practitioner in order to establish the root cause of the disease. Ongoing assessment is usually done on a monthly basis and treatment plans changed accordingly.

Area of Specialism

Chronic Disease Processes

From a physiological perspective toxic metal build up (absorbed from out chemtrail laden atmosphere) plus multiple pathogen presentations like lyme and co-infections appear to be at the heart of a lot of chronicity alongside hormone dysregulation and detoxification pathway issues, especially in the liver. Disease often appears however from our current understanding at a root level, to develop from either a physical or emotional trauma which is held in the body at a quantum level. It is remembered and expresses itself in a way to get your attention.

Hence that is why each person is a unique and beautiful blend of physiology and quantum energy expression and that one size fits all adage may be fine for a robot but certainly not for a human being.

The hormone system is also hugely important to get rebalanced and often people with chronic disease have had their fair share of trauma and stress which either adds to the existing stress of the body or more often than not is at the heart of disease. It is therefore essential that the main endocrine glands and especially the hypothalamus is assessed and rebalanced as everything downline of this gland will become desynchronised. A good analogy would be the hypothalamus is the conductor of an orchestra and the other endocrine glands are the sections of the orchestra. Without a conductor to guide them they will get very confused and produce a terrible sound rather than a harmonious one.

Conditions Treated

The Clinic of Natural Medicine assesses and treats any disease, illness or health issue and also specialises in chronic and degenerative conditions that require in depth analysis and careful monitoring during treatment. Most are highly complex conditions that require time and investment on the part of the patient and practitioner. The clinic endeavours to bring the best of leading edge treatment for the most affordable prices.

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